Dirty surfaces

Some examples of cleaning particularly dirty surfaces with leopole: Windows dirty by a fire in the immediate vicinity. Tarpaulin covered in dust Cladding covered with lichen Windows not cleaned for several years

Cleaning stainless steel

CLEANING STAINLESS STEEL: Leopole is also very effective! Both on windows and stainless steel, Leopole confirms the excellence of the quality of its cleaning. Whether up or down, its motorized cleaning with microfiber and pure water revives shine and eliminates stains. Leopole is a water and electricity self-sufficient machine, allowing cleaning at height indoors and […]

Maintenance and building

The press is talking about us! Thank you @pierredeschamps and @marie-pierre greenhouse from @bartimentinterview for spreading this news about leopole. leopole is an autonomous solution for cleaning interior and exterior windows at height. #leopole #vitres #nettoyage #eaupure

Cycl’eau Salon

Reliance sarl will present Leopole, a water-saving window maintenance solution💧, at the cycl’eau show on November 29, 2023 at the Arena du Pays d’Aix.

Presentation of Léopole

Presentation of Leopole to GSF agencies in Ile de France during the GSF production purchasing day at the Vincennes racecourse.