The leopole motorized
cleaning pole

Clean hard-to-reach areas efficiently and effortlessly with our motorized cleaning head

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Nettoyage facade exterieur leopole cleaning


  • Hard to reach cleaning
  • Indoor and Outdoor
  • No flooding, no drops
  • Low water consumption
  • No detergent
  • Autonomous
  • Low back clearance necessary
  • Patented technology

Motorised cleaning head

  • No drops
  • Efficient even with low
    back clearance
  • Cleaning head compatible
    with all the telescopic pole
  • Water and power supplied
    by the trolley
  • Retrieving of the waste
  • Easy to handle
  • Control remote
Tête de nettoyage leopole cleaning
nettoyage vitre interieur leopole cleaning

Autonomous trolley

  • Battery and/or mains
  • Battery autonomy about 5 hours
  • Charger embedded
  • Pure water tank 12 liters
  • Waste water tank 6 liters


Low water consumption :
12 litres of autonomy
Waste water retieved :
Tank of 6 litres
Powred by battery 5 hours
or on mains 230 VAC
Cleaning with microfiber
Motorised head
Waste water retrieved
Outdoor and
Light head :
Cleaning by pure water.
No detergents
We remain at your disposal