Reliance SARL develops, manufactures, and markets LEOPOLE, an innovative solution for cleaning high-rise windows.
Through its low-consumption pure water cleaning technology, which does not use detergent, and equipped with a drip-free waste water retreiving process, Leopole can be used for both exterior and interior glass surfaces. The autonomous Leopole trolley operates on both battery and mains power and features a pure water tank and a waste water storage tank.

Clean properly, with respect for people and the environment,
to contribute to extending the lifespan of structures


Seasonedin the robotics and special machinery industries, Reliance’s development team designs innovative solutions that are simple, easy to use and to maintain in the field of cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces.

Convinced that the frugality of our society primarily depends on extending the lifespan of structures, we strive to provide pragmatic solutions to personnel responsible for cleanliness and maintenance. Listening to your constraints, we tailor our solutions to your operational and technical specificities.